About Us

The film maker hopefully sheds original light on our familiar landscape and those that have been captured by its beguiling beauty and challenges. The artists and adventurers that throughout time have used the natural world as their canvass. Welcome to the playground.

My name is John Whittle and I have been immersed in adventures all my life. On the physical side rock climbing, mountaineering and sailing have been my staples, traveling the world in search of fresh challenges, delighting in the differences as well as the commonalities in our natural world. To transmit that diversity and universality via film has become an equally inspiring challenge.  At the beginning we are grabbed, often not fully understood, by a scenario, an idea, a small spark that once explored becomes an all absorbing creative canvass that hopefully blossoms into an articulate resolution in the form of film.

Besides producing our own films, like ' Let Nature be your Teacher', 'Quest for the Sublime'  and 'Antarctic Odyssey' we produce commissions like ''Adventure Learning Schools' and ' MacIntrye's People'  as well as supplying specialised skills like location finding, camera work and safety in extreme locations for films like 'Touching the Void' , 'Bridget Jones' , 'Alien versus Predator' and scores of BBC adventure episodes.

Have currently been working with Dave and Lynwen Brown from Bamboo Chicken as an associate producer on their recent releases 'Welsh Connections', 'The Rainbow' and 'Short Cut', they in turn have helped with my productions. I also work closely with High Exposure  the team that supplied the logistics and safety on the recent BBC outside broadcast of 'The Great Climb'.